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Foot Fetish Fans x

Had a wonderful day yesterday with a couple of my foot fetish fans. 

I love having my feet played with and love how differently you all play.
It was the first time I've had someone who prefers the smellier foot. It was fun to put on my sweaty trainers after my shower to get the right odour for him.
Seeing him getting very worked up and almost devouring my feet was extremely horny, a real change from the previous slow, sensuous, spine tinglingly erotic foot worship of earlier.
Really it's no different from my girl friend experiences. You get the ones with lots of foreplay, slow soft kisses and gentle touches and then fast horny sweaty ones with passionate deep French kisses - both just as fabulous in their own way.

Horny Hotel Meets x

Had an interesting thing happen earlier on in the week. I had a lovely gentleman call me to arrange a meet at his hotel. After he'd checked in he called to cancel the appointment as he felt the hotel was unsuitable for me to visit. On enquiring why he thought it unsuitable, it turned out that to access the bedrooms I would have to walk past reception

Having been Scarleting since 2010 I have visited too many hotels to count, the majority of which you do indeed have to walk past reception. I explained that I would be dressed discreetly and would have gotten directions from him to find his room. I would look like any other guest heading off to my room. Hotel staff are usually on a rota, so never know all the guests who are in the hotel at any one time, and usually can't be bothered to even look up and see who was coming in (that's if they are even at their desk).

Keycarded hotels can be gotten around very easily, along with the confusingly rambling old hotels. Spy holes in hotel doors make it easy too to open the door on my arrival to let me in quickly if staying in a hotel with other colleagues. A bit of music in the background or the TV on low will muffle any chatting we do.

I love a good hotel meet. The extra naughtiness of a hotel room really is quite a turn on ;) x

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