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Love my Skin

Skin is a wonderful thing. There are so many textures, so many different temperatures. A cold hand at the beginning of a meet and warm collar bone to run my finger along at the end before getting dressed.

Old skin, young skin - all so very varied. I love laughter lines round the eyes - shows me someone has had lots of fun times throughout their life. I adore larger ears on older men, feeling their earlobes brush against the side of my hand as I caress the side of their face.

Plump bellies showing me someone loves food as much as I do. Taught skin is nice but skin that moves around when you massage it is better - cuddly and comforting.

Veins, blemishes, tattoos, hairy or bald I love it all.


Feeling Horny

Isn't it great that on a cold, wet April afternoon when my brain is becoming frazzled by paperwork that I can just log onto Xhamster.com and get myself off. My favourite method of doing this at the moment is with my purple vibrator given to me by a very sexy regular of mine. I have one of those amazing Wands but I have more work to do and don't want to fry my brain with a mahoosive orgasm.

A few clicks on various videos and I settle on one with a very expressive lady. I can't stand porn where the woman lies there like a wet fish making the odd gasp.

5mins later with a buzzing pussy I am ready to hit the computer and my spreadsheets again. Thank you Xhamster.


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