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Greedy Girl

Driving home last night I had the radio on and whilst channel hopping I landed on an old song which just seemed apt for me at that moment - 'I Just Can't Get Enough' by Depeche Mode - an 80's classic.

As I drove home through the sparse 10.30pm M1 traffic I thought of what a greedy girl I'd become sexually since my late start in my 20's. I was certainly making up for lost time. Gosh, if I could still love sex this much at 80, then bring it on. We only have one life and boy should we get out there and live it.

My last gentleman of the day had been extremely nervous on arrival as it was the first time he'd experienced an escort. Within a short period of time he was so pleased he'd sent that initial email and revived his amazing oral skills. Yes, sometimes life can be scary, but most of the time the worry is just in our mind. Pushing ourselves to gain new experiences, quite a lot of the time, pays off with pretty cool stuff.

What makes sex great for me???? I don't know really....the variety of men/women/cocks/skins/lips/nipples, the wonderful sensations from kisses, fingers, penetration. Every experience is a new experience, and as long as you have someone who is enjoying their time with you (yes, I'm sure all you guys have experienced the odd 'wet fish' - a woman that just lays there) sex can be amazing.

Roll on heaps more sex. Even at 80 I think I'll still be a Greedy Girl.

Not so Grand

Saw a lovely gentleman from Newcastle yesterday. In Leicester on business and wanting some fun on a lovely hot sunny afternoon.

Too hot to wear a coat over some sexy corsetry, so wore a nice summery skirt and blouse with stockings and suspenders underneath and hidden.

Now for anyone familiar with Leicester, you will know that the Ramada Jarvis hotel on Granby Street used to be called the Grand Hotel. In the past I have attended numerous functions in their ballroom - a sumptuously decorated room fit for a Royal visit. It is only since I started being a cheeky escort that I discovered how plain in contrast the rooms were. I'm well into double figures for the number of times I've been to the Grand Hotel and every time I enter a room I feel I've stepped out of a Hilton Hotel and into a Premier Inn. Everyone I've met has said how they thought an executive suite would have been better for the money.

I'm quite familiar now with a lot of the local hotels and am always happy to advise on which to go for if there is an option to chose.

But, whatever the location I've always had a lot of fun. So thank you Grand Hotel for your plain room yesterday afternoon - I had a very good time ;-)

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