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Sexy Septuagenarians.

I've seen a couple of new gentlemen this week who have both been over 70yrs of age. It transpired that both of them had put off seeing me for months as they were concerned they were too old for a lady of my age to see. 
I tell you, "Age is only a number" and to be perfectly honest the guys that I see, I see because of their personality and not their age, looks, height, weight or IQ. Quite a few of the guys I look forward to seeing most are of the older persuasion as they are such wonderful characters. 
Don't ever think your age is a handicap, or that because you can't fuck like a demon anymore makes you any less sexy. 
And if you are concerned you don't have a wealth of experience with women then, hey there's always time to learn something new. You can't teach an old dog new tricks? - utter bollocks, and anyway, I'm an excellent teacher ;) x

Foot Fetish Fans x

Had a wonderful day yesterday with a couple of my foot fetish fans. 

I love having my feet played with and love how differently you all play.
It was the first time I've had someone who prefers the smellier foot. It was fun to put on my sweaty trainers after my shower to get the right odour for him.
Seeing him getting very worked up and almost devouring my feet was extremely horny, a real change from the previous slow, sensuous, spine tinglingly erotic foot worship of earlier.
Really it's no different from my girl friend experiences. You get the ones with lots of foreplay, slow soft kisses and gentle touches and then fast horny sweaty ones with passionate deep French kisses - both just as fabulous in their own way.

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