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Sex With A View.

I had the great pleasure of meeting one of my lovely gentlemen in a high rise apartment in Leicester for the second time in a month. With the wonderful clear skies we've been having of late the views over the City were amazing. I love my home town and was delighted to be able to point out so many wonderful buildings below us.

The highlight of the evening though was when I lead my gentleman up to the huge French doors in the living room and had him fuck me bent at the hips with the view of Leicester in front of us. All those tiny cars moving far below us with no idea what naughtiness was happening right above them. After a long session in the bedroom it didn't take him long to blow his load in the living room with the sight of my hands pressed up against the glass of the doors and my large breasts swinging, high-lit by the setting Sun and reflected in the glass.

What a wonderful memory to add to all the other fabulous meets I've had over the years. I'm going to be a very happy lady in my old age looking back at all the wonderfully naughty things I've gotten up to.

Life's too Short.

All the lovely gentlemen who know me know I don't discriminate against race, colour, age or religion. The people I don't see are the ones who come across as unpleasant in their attitude when I speak to them on the phone. I've never been Little Miss Submissive and being talked down to really is a major turn off. No money in the World would get me to spend some sexy time with someone who does that.

Anyway, last week I had a call from a very softly spoken young man desperate to find a lady to see. Initially he wanted to know if I saw Asians with beards as he had had numerous ladies walked away on arrival due to his colour and facial hair. I told him I was perfectly fine with that and went onto ask him what he was looking for in order to make sure I was the right lady for him. A sensual time was all he required so I arranged to see him at his home.

He turned out to be a lovely guy when I saw him yesterday. The ladies who had turned him away purely on his looks had missed out on a wonderful hour of sensual bliss. Fabulous people come in all shapes and sizes - black, white, brown, hairy, disabled, disfigured, fat, thin, 20 or 80yrs old. I've had gentlemen tell me they've been asked by other ladies over the phone if they look handsome - how on Earth can you answer that?

It's not about the looks or the ability, it's about having a sexy time with someone who has a great attitude. If George Clooney rang me to book an hour and came across as having a bad attitude I would not see him.

Being my own boss means I can pick and chose the kind of gentlemen I want to see over and over again. Life's too short for a shit shag lol.

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