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Starting to get a bit Christmassy.

Today I have had my third enquiry as to what will be my last working day before Christmas. When I had my first enquiry last week I really hadn't thought that far ahead; but with only 7.5 weeks left till the big day I can understand why my regulars are getting that Christmassy feeling already.

I must admit it's getting me all excited to be able to get my Santa's outfit out of the wardrobe again. I do feel very naugty wearing it and it always brings a smile to guy's faces when they see me in it. I've had many a gentleman sitting on my knee telling me what they would like for Christmas ;) I doubt though I'd getting away with being Santa at a local department store with the amount of cleavage and leg I have on show.

So for any of you also wanting my last day before Crimbo for outcalls, it's 23rd December. Incall dates are all on my profile. Looking forward to being your naughty Santa already!!!

My Secret World.

Visiting a hotel yesterday for a new gentleman I was in one of those hotels that is a real rabbit warren. Fortunately the directions were spot on to his room and I navigated several corridors and floors with ease.  On the way I passed a maintenance guy knocking on a door. He was holding a can of WD40 and I couldn't resist saying "Lubricant is always the answer for most jobs", with a big smile on my face. He didn't quite know how to react as I looked like your usual business woman in my low heels and plain clothes. Little did he know there was suspender belt, corset & mountains of bosom under my smart tailored coat. 

Looking back over the month I've had an awful lot more Outcalls than normal. On top of the usual house calls I've had some of my regulars booking their own hotel rooms for days that have been more convenient or when my Incalls are not in their area. 

I love going off to people's homes or hotels. Dressing conservatively as I head to their front door or hotel room I have that naughty thought in my mind that I'm going to have a very sexy and sensuous time and any onlookers will be none the wiser. 

So many people I know in the 'real world' think I'm so very boring. The odd person does a double take when I use a double entendre. Many don't think I swear FFS!!! I'm sure that if I told them I was an escort they'd just laugh at me, thinking I was telling them a joke. 

My secret world is often a source of amusement for me, especially when I'm hanging my undies on the washing line ;)

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