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Blast From The Past.

Got a lovely booking lined up this week with a fabulous gentleman I've not seen in over a year. He had been a regular for some time and then he suddenly disappeared.

As an escort who is there to provide utmost discretion there is no way I would ever call or text to see how people are when they stop coming to see me; but I do often wonder what happened to them.

There are the odd ones I know - like one guy I'd seen for nearly 5yrs who was in the process of losing his job and home when he went AWOL; the gentleman who was going through his final stages of a terminal illness and one of my gentlemen who I saw in the newspaper had moved down South and started his own company :)

But then you get the delightful surprises when ones do reappear. One of my gentlemen had had a major car accident and been out of action for nearly 8mths, another had gotten himself a girlfriend (which hadn't worked out); and another who'd been going through a very messy and expensive divorce.

I do get the gentlemen who are passing through the area and who I never see again, but on the whole I get guys returning many times over. I may be an escort, but I do care about my gentlemen and enjoy getting to know them. I only hope that the ones who do fall off the radar are having a wonderful time and are happy and healthy.

My booking this week will be like catching up with an old friend and I'm so very much looking forward to it.

Boudoir Bupa.

I'm writing this blog because I have a booking this week with someone who is suffering from a life threatening illness. He has realised that injecting some fun in his life will help with his self-healing.

I see (and have seen) many gentlemen who have had cancer, heart attacks or have lost someone close to them. It has truly been a 'wake-up' call for them; a realisation that we are not on this Earth forever. For these gentlemen they have the need to add as much fun as they can to their days. For me personally the death of a close friend brought it home to me that life is precious and I needed to do things that made me happy. Being an escort is so much fun and I get to meet so many wonderful people I would not otherwise get spend quality time with. I've always loved making people happy and for many gentlemen I see they say that spending time with me is far better than any NHS care. Maybe I should call myself Boudoir Bupa lol.

Funny how we can just amble through life and take everything around us for granted. Sometimes we need a wake up call to get us to appreciate what we have and can have.

So, if you are just getting by in the day to day grind of life give yourself that wake-up call now and fill your days with as much fun stuff as you can muster - good music, good food, whatever gives you even one moment of happiness. Life is to be lived so inject some therapy into your day xxx

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