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Adding a Little Scarlet Sunshine x

This week a good proportion of my gentlemen have seen me whilst away from home on business. I'm the first to admit I do love my home comforts and would hate having to sleep away from home night after night to earn my pennies. 
For a lot of guys with families to support, the stresses of work and the constant new hotel bed after new hotel bed it can be tough. With all their commitments to others they end up realising they are not making enough time for themselves. Add this week's wonderful torrential downpours and life for some really needs that added sunshine. 
I'm so glad I thoroughly enjoy what I do and seem to get a lot of guys coming back for more. I would hate to be constantly touring in order to pick up new business all the while. All my incall locations fall 30mins from home at the most and so my own bed is always mine at the end of the day :) Being able to work inbetween bookings means my days are never dull (in fact sometimes the day just goes way too quickly). 
So if you've realised that your days are just getting too God damn gloomy, then take a step back and see that, despite the English weather, we can let the sunshine flood in to brighten our day. 


Starting the Weekend in the Best Possible Way.

Today started with me seeing my Adultwork profile had 69 feedbacks. 69 is so very apt and made me giggle. I have often said to people that participating in a 69 is like playing naked Twister. I am very good at playing Twister ;)

The day has only got better and better with a morning visit to one very naughty gentleman. To say it was a shagathon would be dumbing it down. I was well and truly done for at the end of the 2hrs. If policemen had shagalizers instead of breathalysers I would have been well over the legal limit.

So Friday is finishing off what has been a wonderful week for me. I have enjoyed the company of some fabulous people and got those endorphins flowing (once again). I met someone who I knew from the 'real' world a few days ago and had such a laugh finding out what a naughty pair we really are. The same day I had a gentleman who I've known now 4yrs (and who now lives abroad) fly back to England to see me and grab a night of positivity. I could not believe he'd travelled all that way just to spend a time with me.

Anyone who thinks escorting is for drug addicts and losers is so very much mistaken. The ladies who enjoy what they do and bring joy to others help reduce the day to day stresses of life and bring much needed positivity to those who need it. I love my naughty world and I'm so glad others have fun in it too.

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