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An Afternoon of horny Striptease and more x

I had a most excellent afternoon yesterday with a gentlemen I'd seen for the third time now. He was telling me how so many services are provided for disabled people, but sex still remains a taboo subject. Disabled people still have the same needs as anybody else. He was sure his carer suspected he was seeing a lady as he was having his sheets changed on a different day than usual. Such a shame she couldn't discuss these sorts of things with him.

Anyway we went for a sexy striptease this time and I was taking my time peeling off each item of clothing in a different part of the room - sometimes close up (boobies in the face) or far away (lowering my panties to the floor bent at the hips). He was super horny by the end of it and it did not take long for him to climax during a BJ. Our second round of horny fun culminated in me giving him a long sensual hand job and being finger fucked by him. He was amazed how in his mind he was thrusting into me every time he pushed his fingers in. I had been giving him lots of dirty talk and afterwards told him that a huge part of sex is in the mind. I love getting inside someone's head and finding those sexual hot buttons to press.

Being disabled doesn't stop you being horny, it doesn't stop you wanting to talk about sex, and not being able to have penetrative sex certainly doesn't stop you having fabulous climaxes. We just have to find a different strategies to play the game of sex.

What a Giggle!!!

I love learning new things and last week I learned about a new fetish!!!

I had a lovely gentleman come visit me in Rugby with a foot fetish. In fact it turned out to be more than that....he also had a tickling fetish. At first I wasn't really sure if I was the lady for him as I had memories of tickling as being an unpleasant act by bullies. Little did I realise that it could be quite a pleasurable experience when done well with someone you are having fun with. It was quite an eyeopener to find parts of me that were not ticklish at all and some which were overly sensitive. We had so much fun that afternoon. I don't think I've giggled so much in an hour.

Just makes you realise you don't know what something is truly like till you try it. If you want a good website on the subject www.UKtickling.com was highly recommended.

So what new thing have you tried today???

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