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A Huge Thank You.

 I just thought I'd use this blog post to say a huge thank you to all my wonderful gentlemen who have bestowed presents on me over the years. I always feel so honoured when someone has taken the time and the thought to get me something and I hope everyone who has given me something has realised how much I appreciated what they gave me. 

Not just a wonderful array of chocolates (chocolate pizza is amazing), flowers and drinks (one home made brew from a very special guy); I have had a soft toy version of my favourite TV character (who sits by my bed) and some awsome sex toys. Of the more unusual, but just as appreciated gifts I've had a cinnamon gob stopper, some wood for a project I was doing, a garden gnome and even some carpet underlay. 

Today I received a miniature character model of myself in a little glass box. I had not seen this super gentleman for a while and it really touched me that he would think to do that. 

Last week I had someone ask me if there are days when I think "Oh, I can't be arsed to see anyone today". After pondering the question I could not think of a single instance when I thought that over the past (almost) 6yrs. My gentlemen meets are something to look forward to, especially after a difficult day with my usual work. The presents are a fabulous bonus, but just seeing my gentlemen old and new gives me a buzz and lifts my spirits however I've been feeling. 

So this is a big thank you for all your gifts big and small and a big thank you for being such wonderful guys. Hugs and kisses to you all xxxxxxx

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