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This morning I had a very steamy session with a fab guy I've seen a few times now. Afterwards we got talking and he told me that seeing me was the best option he had found to fit into his life. He, like so many guys out there, loves his wife to bits, but has found she has lost her sex drive due to giving birth. The menopause too can really affect ladies sexual urges. Wanting to stay with the person they love, but not wanting to risk the messy implications of an affair they turn to seeing escorts to satisfy the part of themselves their wives can't help them with any more. 

For me sex is like a game of tennis - a bit of fun. You come away from the match having had some exercise, had a laugh and maybe chatted about the weather. There is no relationship between players which could complicate matters (like a woman in an affair wanting the husband to leave his wife for her) - none of that stress and hassle. 

I love to leave all of my gentlemen with a good smile on thier faces, having lost a few calories and with any stresses they brought with them all gone like a distant memory. 

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