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Discretion is the Word.


I had to laugh the other day when I went to see one of my gentlemen at his usual high class hotel. As I pulled into the carpark past the entrance I had to wait for a young lady crossing my path. She had on the highest 'fuck-me' shoes, a coat which barely covered her bottom (with no sign of a skirt underneath) and fishnet tights. Looking very furtive as she entered the only thought that passed my mind was that she was obviously an escort and I hoped that the gentleman inside who had booked her had requested her to arrive looking the way she did.

Before meeting me my gentleman he had made numerous bookings where the ladies had arrived at his hotel room door looking far too slutty. On all of these occasions he had sent the girls away as they were far too inappropriately dressed to be seen in public with him. As our usual afternoon booking at the hotel starts with drinks and a long chat in the bar it's imperative we just look like work colleagues talking shop.

As an escort you really need to know when and where it is appropriate to wear certain clothes. I have a wonderful variety of naughty shoes and outfits, but when I arrive at someone's hotel or home they are safely tucked away in a bag to put on later. Sensible shoes, plain stockings and a long coat are there to avoid tongues wagging and complete embarrassment.

When I have a hotel meet or dinner date I sit in the bar of a hotel or in a restaurant inwardly giggling that the staff have no idea what is going to happen up in the bedroom later. So very innocent in my looks, but so very naughty behind closed doors ;)

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