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Boys Dressing Up.


It's really great these days that people are finding it easier to express themselves (maybe not in public, but behind closed doors). I know lots of gentlemen who like to dress up, whether it be in leather, fishnet, rubber, dresses or stockings and suspenders.

Being yourself is a big part of life and it must be so hard for people who have to hide bits of their personality away. So freeing though to see them come out of their shells when they see me. I don't understand why society shuns guys who wear heels - most of them look far better than women in them. To think that only a few hundred years ago men wearing stockings and heels was the norm for guys. Fashion will come around again, but in the meantime strutting their stuff in them is contained behind closed doors with an admiring onlooker. Someone who sees the enjoyment as much as they do.

I love the fact that leather seems to be in fashion at the moment. I wonder if PVC ever will?

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