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Mother's Day Musings.

Seeing all my family over the weekend for Mother's Day really brought home to me how much I love my life. So many stories of hated jobs and boring lacklustre lives. I smugly sat and inwardly smiled at all the naughty, fun things I'd done that past week. 

I remembered my Auntie, a big jovial woman. She had saved up all her life and lived with a husband she hated in the hope of leaving him and going off travelling the world when she retired. The 'Big C' got her just 2 years before retirement and her life of hard work, being frugal and putting up with someone she despised was all for nothing. I was in my teens I vowed I would live life to the full every day.

We don't know how long we are going to be around so why not enjoy every moment? The pressures of life will always get in the way at times, but you've got to squeeze out every ounce of fun along the way. 

I truly love being Scarlet and seeing the joy in men's faces when I am with them. I know a lot have extremely stressful jobs and sometimes unhappy home-lives  too, but helping them forget all their worries and enjoy every moment with me is so rewarding. The wonderful texts thanking me afterwards bring joy to my World. 

So make sure you find time do all the things you want to do. Procrastination doesn't lead to happiness, so get off your arse and go get whatever it is you want. The World is your Oyster. 

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