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Dressing Up.

I was chatting to some friends at the weekend about their night out to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at their local theatre. They were showing me all the pictures they'd taken of the fabulously sexy outfits they'd worn. It made me think that it is very sad we can't go out in our sexy wear every day of the week. I would love to see ladies in hot fishnets and suspenders getting their groceries at Tescos, or guys in leather chaps with the arse cut out revealing their firm butts when reading the gas meter.

I feel so good when I put on a plunging neckline top and tighten up an underbust corset to shove my cleavage even further out than it usually goes. The sound of PVC as I walk gets me excited, as is wearing multi strap fetish shoes. The way a suspender belt stretches is a wonderful sight and I must admit a guy in heels is pretty cool. I'm always extra naughty when dressing up in a costume, whether it be curvaceous copper, naughty nurse or sexy school girl.

Society has deemed we cover up and dress appropriately. So many gorgeous cleavages hidden behind high necks and long luscious legs disappearing under long skirts. Such a shame it seems the only time you can acceptably go out of the house showing your naughty side in public is when the Rocky Horror Picture show is in town.

On a rainy day like today wouldn't it be great to wear rubber or PVC to go out - it's waterproof!!!

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