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No Need to be Nervous

I see a lot of gentlemen from a lot of backgrounds and a lot of gentlemen coming with different needs, but what unites them all it that the first time they meet me they have nerves.

The main reason for being nervous is the fact that even though they may have seen all my pictures and read all my website they still don't know what the 'real' me is like. Meeting new people is always fraught with worry over whether you'll get on, know what to say, know what to do. There is also the worry for some gentlemen that I will actually be the woman in the website as some have found a different person on their arrival. Some have had bad experiences - poor hygiene, poor people skills, poor sexual skills. Some having to put up with a 'bouncer' being there as the woman doesn't speak English and can't communicate at all!

What I can guarantee every gentleman is that I will take time to put them at ease at the start of our meet in order for them to thoroughly enjoy every part of our sexual experience together. Yes, I am a Leicester gal and love to chat and have a good laugh about life. When our lips touch for a long sensual kiss you will have relaxed and put your worries aside.

I do get new gentlemen asking me what will happen during our meet together and I tell them that every meet is tailored to their needs. Some gentlemen like sex to be quiet and sensual, some loud and hot. Discovering how their body reacts to different stimuli is fun and rewarding when I hit the right spot. And don't forget the words I say may be the key to their best orgasm - the mind is a very powerful tool. All this I won't discover till I meet them.

Don't let your nerves get in the way of a fabulous time. I shall guide you by the hand to a place you have fantasied about. I will show you the key to great sex.

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