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Monday Morning

Monday Morning and looking back on what was a very sexy weekend.

Such naughtiness on the Saturday night after a wonderful meal at a local restaurant. I wonder if anyone was listening in on our conversations - did anyone wonder what this group of varied adults, all laughing and telling stories, would be getting up to just a few short hours afterwards?

When I'm out and about I love to people watch and guess who are the naughty people out there. The subtle cleavage on show, the glimpse of high platform shoes under long trousers, a cheeky feel of a wife's arse and a knowing look passed. It's such a shame that society frowns upon open shows of sexuality or even talk of a sexual nature. So many sexy people repressed. If I enter a sex shop guys scurry out afraid to be seen there - why?, we are all adults with sexual needs. A sexy magazine to flick through before masterbating or having sex, a new sex toy or a new sexy item of clothing to wear, all adds to the sexy mood.

Anyway, it was great to be around people who you could discuss all your sexy thoughts and fantasies. Try out new ideas and just immerse yourself in the wonderful experience we call sex.

With an amazingly hot Sunday we all lounged naked in and around the pool. So nice to be out in the fresh air with no clothes every now and again, feeling the odd breeze on your skin. I'll have to try a nudist beach some time (somewhere hot though).

Back to reality today, back to seeing my customers (in my proper job) who think I am so straight, who probably think that I have no children because I don't like sex - if only they knew ;-)......

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